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Brent Jenkins Jr.

Web Design


Brent Jenkins Jr., owner of Dream 511 is a native of Waterloo, IA and a graduate of East High School class of 2000. Brent’s passion is helping creative people follow their dream which inspired his business motto for Dream 511 of “Where Dreams Take Off”. With over ten years of tech experience, working for major companies such as Go Daddy and Wix, it was only natural for Brent to take his knowledge and skills to serve business start-ups in his community and beyond. Starting in just 2018, Brent has successfully helped over 50 new businesses across the United States through logo design and website development. Branding himself as a web design expert, Brent has a keen ability to take a client’s ideas and bring them to visual fruition. Brent is certified in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects and actively engages in professional development opportunities to stay current on industry trends ensuring his clients are maximizing and optimizing their reach based on best practices in graphics, branding, fonts, and text. Currently, Brent is continuing his education, taking courses in Motion Graphics from School of Motion as a virtual student residing in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Starting as a musician at just 3 years old, Brent spends his spare time playing drums, keyboard, and the bass guitar. Brent’s long-term goal is to be the first Black owned and operated large scale design studio in the State of Iowa. 

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